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  • We can help you get a car loan with Medical Bills.
    1   The nation's top credit-score provider, FICO, is changing the rules in Fall 2015.
    1   Receiving a credit card or getting a home or car loan will affect your credit score.
    1   Paying a bill late or finding yourself in collections will begin a downward credit spiral.
    1   Homes, cars and credit cards are all things you sign up for. But going to the hospital isn't
    typically on a person's "to-do" list, and the provider recognizes that. If you have medical
    debt in collection, your credit score may actually go up.
    1   FICO scores also show lenders if a consumer is risky. With medical bills having less of
    a negative impact on your credit score, you might be able to get better deals or lower
    interest rates on auto loans and credit cards.
    1   FICO will also start ignoring medical debts in collection that have been completely paid
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