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  • We can help you get a car loan with a Bankruptcy.
    1   A trustee is likely to approve your getting a new auto loan. But don't expect a new Mercedes or
    Jaguar. More likely, you'll be able to buy a used vehicle below a certain price, such as $20,000
    - with a maximum interest rate capped at something like 15 or 18 percent. That's much
    steeper than someone with great credit would pay.
    1   Your rate is based on your credit score, called FICO. Scores range from a low of 300 to a high of
    850. Rates for a 36-month car loan might range from about 3.80 with a score of 720, to around
    17.02 if your score between 500 and 589 (based on 2013 FICO scores).
    1   The longer you've been out of bankruptcy, and the more you've been able to get your finances
    back on track, the better your chances of landing a decent interest rate.
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